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Ef life gi’e yuh a lemon, mek lemonade

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Ef life gi’e yuh a lemon, mek lemonade

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Is me agen, yuh frien’ Babsie. You good? I hope you an’ yuh fambly gine awright, ’specially when it come to wunna healf. Yuh know it very easy to pick up a cole over dey durin’ dis time o’ de year – an’ lemuh tell yuh, it does gi’e yuh a fit to shake off, I should know. So wunna wrap up good an’ don’ be too cheap to keep de heatin’ high enough to stop yuh from freezin’.
I remember one time when I was up dey, a frien’ invite muh to spen’ couple days wid she. Dat cheap brute had de temperature so low dat she flat did cole as ice, an’ she had de gall to tell me, sence livin’ in Engelant, she get ’ccustom to de cool weathuh an’ dah was de way she like it – don’ min’ all day she walkin’ ’bout de flat shiverin’ in a ole coat. Well, yuh would onderstan’ dat visit get cut very short. Ef um is one t’ing I cyhan stan’ is a cheapskate! De ig’rance some people believe duh could put over yuh is onbelievable, faif.  
Chile, de “to-in’” an’ “fro-in’” still gine on. Sence de Prime Minister “jump in de ling” to apologise to de Drainage workers, staff cuts get put back ’til monf-en’ an’ all we could do now is jes’ wait.
Guvment inten’ to dot evah “i” an’ cross evah “t”, an’ duh very right, ’cause like dat, nobody won’ be able to come back at duh agen hollerin’ ’bout onfairness. Dis might tek summuch time, dat de date might get push back even furthuh, yuh never know. But one t’ing we certain ’bout, regardless to wuh de unions say or do, evahbody, even de same unions, got to accep’ some people mus’ get sen’ home. We situation too desperate. Philomena ax ef I notice wuh de Prime Minister say ’bout de lis’. When it come out, “it is not negotiable”. Summuch fuh dat!     
I always hear “when life han’ yuh a lemon, mek lemonade”! Dese comin’ monfs should be a time to see who gine “mek lemonade”, or who gine jes’ t’row ’way de lemon an’ look ’roun’ fuh han’outs, bawlin’ ’bout how onfair life is, all de time fuhgettin’ how indifferent duh used to behave  at wuk. Tek de job an’ mek mockstick o’ it, comin’ when duh like, an’ goin’ when duh like, an’ nobody cyhan talk to duh. Well, de day o’ reckonin’ . . . .
Sparks been flyin’ once agen between Mia Mottley an’ Owen Arthur, an’ once agen, it en helpin’ de party image one bit, ’specially now at a time when de Bees tryin’ to impress Bajans we should gi’e dem de chance to tek charge. De two had a big “fallin’ out” some while back when duh had Bajans – even Philomena – arguin’ an’ carryin’ on fuh days. She now axin’ ef dem photos showin’ all was well wid dem sence dat time, now mus’ counk fuh neffin?
She wonderin’ too, why Mia cyhan see de light an’ realize she got very few frien’s in dah party, she en de onlies’ body wantin’ to be de “top dog”, an’ she gine always be lookin’ over she shoulder. I tell she politics is a tough game, not one fuh anybody dat faint-hearted, an’ don’ fool yuhself, Miss Mottley far from faint-hearted, she could tek care o’ sheself, good an’ proper. I hope doh, fuh de party sake, duh able to t’rash out dese problems once an’ fuh all, ef not . . . .
I en need tell yuh how de ethuh side lookin’ on, enjoyin’ de “show”, fuhgettin’ dat dem too got a lot to answer fuh.
Ness, de onlies’ t’ing lef’ now is to put evaht’ing in de han’s o’ de Lord an’ leh ’E straighten we out!
Tek care o’ yuhself.
Yuh frien’, Babsie.