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The error of our ways

mialisafenty, [email protected]

The error of  our ways

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YOU WOULD THINK dat wid all the lot o’ unnecessary foolish li’l accidents ya does see actually evah single day pon the roads, people would have a li’l more patience and take duh time. It looks tuh me like some people doan give two hoots ’bout nuhbody else but duhselves.
It is very similar tuh the people who know dat using and, more so, doing drugs is wrong and it has destroyed the lives of many people and have caused a lot o’ hurt, pain and distress tuh many families but because it suits dem and it is profitable tuh dem, duh just doan care whose lives it destroys; neither do they realise dat it might eventually mess up their very own children – dem ain’t care.
Ya see, fuh right now all dem thinking ’bout is dat it wukking fuh dem, it suits dem and it ain’t ’bout nuhbody else.
Dat is how very selfish and doan care-ish some people have become. It is all about me and how it benefits me. It is all about now and what I getting outta it now, today. It is my life and I ain’t wring nuhbody hand and mek dem do nutten, it is dem choice. But duh does forget dat some people, like the li’l people ’round dem ain’t got nuh choices; dem gotta live wid it because duh born and see it.
Lemmuh tell ya something: it does grieve me when I see the amount o’ handsome young black men just sitting around the place all through the day and when you start talking tuh dem, the amount o’ foolishness dat does be coming outta duh mouts does make you wonder how young men could be suh far off course. What went wrong? Who put dem so? Why? Why? Why? But a lot of it started in duh own homes wid duh parents.
Another thing dat does get me is when I start tuh talk tuh some o’ dem and realise dat even though these men doan drive a stroke fuh a boy when the day or night come, dem does have children, sometimes more than one too. Sometimes ya does see a few o’ dem riding wid the very children in a bicycle bar, carrying dem tuh school and then fuh the rest o’ the day it is about selling, smoking, wheeling and dealing or just hanging out pon the block.
So you understand wha’ I mean when I say dat children have no choice? There’s a song dat says “Children learn what they live and children live what they learn”. Some o’ dem come along seeing it, smelling it and sometimes even tasting it from parents, especially fathers who are deeply involved in it.
Why you think duh got summuch disrespect, anger, aggression, bullying and violence in the schools? Wunna think it just up and happen because children growing up in well adjusted homes? Error! A lot o’ these very children listening and watching the men pon the block. Duh seeing the wads, duh listening tuh the big talk, duh seeing a different way of life from waking up evah single day, putting on clothes and going tuh work fuh somebody who ain’t even got as much as some o’ the very men pon the block.
But duh got a lot o’ intellectuals in high influential positions who does come outta duh nice offices, drive by in duh posh cars or SUV’s wid duh noses in the air and duh heads straight, who would and could give you all the reasons why duh should legalise marijuana and a whole lot o’ junk, like the dealers out there care something ’bout you medicinal purposes. Ya see duh like tuh talk big and change the rules but I only hope duh know dat it ain’t only the man at the bottom who does be affected. Evahbody does get daubed wid the paint eventually. 
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.