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DEAR CHRISTINE: Cold boyfriend driving me away

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Cold boyfriend driving me away

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Dear Christine,
I have been living with a man in his mother’s house for the past five hellish years.
It wasn’t so bad when I used to see a lot of him. Now he has another girl who has a child for him, and he is always spending time with her.
He takes her to social functions, to the cinema and even for rides in his car, while I stay at home and help his mother with her work.
There is another guy at work who has been showing an interest in me. He wants me to leave this man and live with him.
The trouble is, he also has a woman with children. He says that is no problem and would not affect his relationship with me.
My boyfriend hurt me a lot, and this man is very kind. I feel way down deep in my heart that things would work out well for us.
What do you think I should do?
– L.
Dear L.,
You may be running away from the smoke straight into the fire.
The mere fact that this second man has a woman with children is all the more reason you should stay clear of becoming romantically attached to him. I would not encourage him to leave his children and their mother.
Your first boyfriend also seems to be dead weight.
Since you are working, you should consider getting a place of your own. Once this is done, you would not have to put up with the treatment you are now subjected to. Tell yourself you deserve better.
Try your best to be independent. You’ll be in a better position to select worthwhile friends and possibly a lifetime companion who is not carrying around any “excess baggage”.