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Child mother’s house his home

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Child mother’s house his home

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Dear Christine,
I met a guy four months ago while at the cinema. The first time he approached me I turned him down, but the second time I gave in. He told me about his personal affairs and I did the same thing.
I have grown to love this man, but the problem is his child’s mother. He lives with her at her mother’s house and she has a reasonably good job, just like I have. However, he does not work. When he comes around I’ll give him money, but he says the mother of his child does not.
Here’s my beef: when this woman finishes work, he makes certain he picks her up and takes her home. He never does the same for me. Yet, by the time I reach home, he’s at my door.
We go out regularly to fetes, the cinema, or sometimes we just take long walks along the beach.
This man is due to leave the island in another three weeks as he was only here on a two-year work contract. Ten days have passed and I have not heard from him. What do you gather from this?
– C.C.
Dear C.C.,
I gather that he really does not care about you the way you do for him. What has he ever done to show you he loves you? Take a careful look at the picture before you. He lives in a house with his girlfriend’s mother and his child? Don’t you see a complete family here? You are an outsider who became easy prey for him.
Now, it’s time for him to leave and he probably wants to make sure there are no strings attached.
Get a hold of yourself, and put the hurt and disappointment that you feel behind you.
You should never have expected more from him, and it was not your responsibility to supply him with money each time he asked. He got your love and money and you got very little in return. Perhaps you even had to pay for the visits to the movies and the fetes.
Don’t expect him to come around any time soon or perhaps, even before he returns “home”. It would also be in your best interest not to go looking for him.
Put this episode behind you and keep going forward. It may be hard at first, but you can do it.