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We livin’ in a topsy-turvy worl’!

mialisafenty, [email protected]

We livin’ in a topsy-turvy worl’!

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Tek it from me: de worl’ we now livin’ in so topsy-turvy dat yuh en know ef yuh comin’ or gine. Right is now wrong, an’ wrong is right.
Looka gay marriages; dem now en no “big t’ing” – even certain church ministers don’ see neffin wrong wid it – an’ mark my words, soon from now, anethuh big “change” comin’ when marijuana get fully legalise in Amurica! 
Changes, good or bad, seem to always start over dey, an’ de arguments weathuh or not to legalise marijuana in de news agen. In Florida, 92 per cent wanta mek it legal, Colorado backin’ it all de way an’ ethuhs soon follow.
I hope we en gine play “follow de leader” an’ start “t’inkin’” ’bout it as well, but let it remain jes’ a “t’ought”. Ef we tek a hard look at de downward paff a lot o’ Bajan youff headin’, dis is one change we en got no need fuh, medical use or not. 
Even de elements turnin’ upside down. Onexpected cole weathuh hittin’ Amuricans hard in de Souf, an’ lately we too been facin’ some icy win’s when de nights come.
Frien’s laugh when I tell dem one mornin’ we gine wake up an’ see ’nough white stuff ’pon de groun’ – wuhevah it is you might be t’inkin’, I know I talkin’ ’bout snow, dah white t’ing dat does fall from above, OK? 
Dis cole weathuh bringin’ out some strange sleepin’ outfits, doh.  Philomena, fuh one, look a fright! She start wid she nightgown, a sweater over dat, den a housecoat, an’ befo’ puttin’ on de long football socks she borrow from she gran’son, she rub de bottom o’ she feet wid Vicks – to keep warm.
When I remark ’pon de outfit an’ say lookin’ like dat, I don’ see de man brave enough to j’in she in bed, she bewze an’ slam de door ’pon muh. I din cay. God love de troof!
Couple weeks ago I read dat we should start lookin’ out fuh earfquakes. Dem bring tsunamis, so dah news friten muh, ’cause I feel duh far wors’ dan hurricanes.
At leas’ yuh might get a hurricane warnin’ an’ try to mek wrong t’ings right befo’ it hit, but wid dem ethuh t’ings – I don’ even wanta call de name – evahting  jes’ start to shake an’ de earf could open up onderneaf yuh.
I remember some years back one hit we, an’ aldoh it din too big, it had Bajans in a state. I was waitin’ outside a bank fuh a frien’ an’ yuh shoulda see people screamin’ an’ runnin’ outside. Pure panic!
One woman was so friten she even t’row back de money she did jes’ get from de teller, hollerin’ she din want it. She had to feel like de worl’ bigges’ fool when, after t’ings cool down, she ease back in quiet an’ ax fuh it.  
Philomena was somet’ing else. Soon as de shakin’ stop, she rush inside an’ start stuffin’ a backpack wid different t’ings – even a pair o’ shades – an’ was ready to tek off. Po’ soul, she head did really turn.
Whey she woulda been goin’, doh? Dah was only a small one, an’ people get so confuse, wuh would happen ef we get anyt’ing serious? 
I was readin’ ’bout some li’l town in Nottinghamshire call New Ollerton. Sence 10th December las’, it get hit wid 36 outta de 49 tremors dat hit de British Isles, mekkin’ it get label as “Britain earfquake capital”. 
Mebbee you hear ’bout it. Is God mercy dese tremors only got magnitudes o’ 1.7 or else I en know wuh would happen. Anyhow, de locals get so ’ccustom to dese “shakes”, duh scarcely notice dem.
Tell yuh, de ole people dat gone to de Great Beyon’ a’ready mussee glad enough duh en hey no mo’.
Tek care o’ yuhself.Yuh frien’, Babsie.

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