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Bullying hotline at Grantley Adams

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Bullying hotline  at Grantley Adams

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VICTIMS OF bullying will soon have a confidential way of reporting such acts to the authorities at the Grantley Adams Memorial Secondary School.
It will come in the form of an online reporting system that can also be used by witnesses to acts of bullying.
This has been revealed by chairman of the organising committee of the school’s Olweus Bullying Programme, Ewen Griffith. Griffith, who was speaking at yesterday’s launch at the school, said the committee, which had the support of Acting Principal Dennis Browne, was taking the proactive step of eliminating acts of verbal and physical abuse by students on students before “something bad happens”.
“We are bringing on board, very soon, an online reporting system where you will be able to log on to your computer on our particular website,  like how you log on to Facebook, and you can type in and report incidences of bullying anonymously,” Griffith told the packed school hall of red T-shirt-clad students and teachers.
“We won’t know whether it is John or whoever and we will then be able to act on those acts of bullying from there,” he explained, stressing the confidentiality of the programme.
“All cases that are reported will be dealt with accordingly.”
 While not giving a start-up date for the programme, he said that, as well as the Olweus Prevention Bullying Programme were part of an effort to stop the pain and suffering of victims of what he called “peer abuse”.
Griffith said bullies at the school had two choices — stop their actions or face the consequences.
He also assured victims that the committee was there for them.
“Here (at the school) we are stepping forward because all these isolated acts of bullying can bring persons to the breaking point,” Griffith added.
Chief executive officer of Supreme Counselling for Personal Development, Shawn Clarke, said the end to bullying would have to start with each student.
“Don’t be afraid to speak to your teachers when something is wrong. Stand up against bullying. It is wrong,” Clarke said.
The acting principal, who also spoke at the general assembly, stressed that victims of bullying could report such acts to him, their teachers or any vendor on the compound “because we want it to stop”.