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The choices some men make

mialisafenty, [email protected]

The choices some men make

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Before I start this column, let me say dat I am not male-bashing. I am not a male-basher because I know tuh myself dat duh still got a lot o’ very good men in this world. I know tuh myself dat all men ain’t the same despite how some women would paint dem.
I know duh have some men who, nuh matter what duh see ’round dem day after day, especially the way how the young girls look, wha’duh got on or ain’t got on, it doan phase dem in the least way. Dem know dat they have a good, solid relationship and family and duh ain’t letting a soul come along and brek it up. Fuh what?
Ya see, one o’ the things I doan go for is when I hear people saying dat all men is dogs or the excuse dat men will be men when it come tuh horning a woman. I doan believe in dah foolishness. I doan believe in dat sort o’ thing because all men ain’t the same. Some men would and does do some o’ the most stupid and hurtful things tuh duh women, like duh believe dat duh gine get away wid it and it ain’t gine come back tuh bite dem in duh tail one day.
Duh got some men who does foolishly go and get led away by other men who ain’t got wha’ dem got tuh lose, like duh self-respect, true friendships, a good family life and people who clearly and dearly love dem. So when dem see a li’l young girl playing up tuh dem, instead o’ backing up and putting some wheels pon duh heels and getting outta there or, better still, putting the girl in she place knowing what duh got tuh lose, all of a sudden dem does start seeing duhselves as young boys. Next thing ya know, duh does get haul in by the young t’ing while the men pat dem pon the back and tell dem dat duh hard.
Now these men who does go and do this kinda foolishness know very well dat at times duh cahn please the very woman who they had fuh all the years and who is closer tuh their age. But . . . she does live and put up wid it because she is committed tuh the relationship and as far as she is concerned, it ain’t only ’bout sex – it is a relationship. But dem would go and get involved wid a li’l girl.
Look, I does hear story after story from men, not women, who does only be laughing at these kinda men. Fuh example, the other day I was listening tuh a fella who was cussing and carrying on about a past friend o’ his. As he said, “He ain’t nuh friend o’ mine nuh more; he too igrant”.
He start off by saying how he cahn understand why some so and so men suh dis and dat stupid. So I started tuh listen ’cause I wanted tuh hear why he was suh vex. He turn round and ask another man what does make a big able experience man think dat he could satisfy a li’l so and so young girl. He say the man is a intelligent man wid a good job, a nice van, home and evahthing and he ain’t hand-tuh-mout.
He say the man put the young girl in a nice apartment wid evahthing in it and gi’ she all sorts o’ nice things but he like he was trying tuh end the fling and, boy, the man say dat the girl do the dog pon he nice ride. She scratch it up, she scrawl it up, she do as she like pon it. She talk ’bout he, she get wid she friends and laugh at he. Even the very men who was patting he pon he back and calling he a hard-seed and telling he dat he is a boss and a lot o’ crap did now brekking down and laughing at he, and he shame, shame, shame. But he bring it pon heself. Wha’ sweeten goat mout’ does burn he tail.
A young fella tell me the other day, too, dat he ain’t care who got more than one woman,
he ain’t want nuh outside woman wid he wife. He say dem does want more than the wife and where the wife would make do wid a li’l something here and there ’cause duh know the situation, the young girls does want all the time.
He say the young girls might look better than the wifey ’cause she ain’t got nuh children so she does want tuh flaunt it in the wifey face or laugh when she see the woman, and he say nuhbody ain’t doing dat tuh he wife. He say all duh want is the lot o’ weaves, long fingernails, the money, the outfits and ya must be able tuh carry dem tuh the best places and when ya cahn do dat, ya does be in real trouble. He say it is only a foolish man, especially a old one, who think dat he could please these li’l young girls but some men does make some foolish choices and does live tuh regret dem.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.