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‘Mistake’ not to use Sandiford’s model

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‘Mistake’ not to use Sandiford’s model

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GOVERNMENT has made “a big mistake” by not following the method former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Sandiford used in implementing public sector job cuts.
Political analyst Peter Wickham made this point yesterday on the popular Starcom Network Inc. show Brass Tacks Sunday.
“I have been one of Erskine Sandiford’s harshest critics over the years because I was never comfortable with the way that he approached it [economic restructuring in the early 1990s],” Wickham said. “I think that a big mistake the [Democratic Labour Party] is making is not understanding the way that Sandiford approached structural adjustment, the decisive nature of it, the extent to which he took up a sledgehammer and he mashed an ant but he did it within sufficient time that his administration could have recovered and . . . it was not that that brought down his administration.
“He could theoretically have remained to the end of the five years. With [late former Prime Minister David] Thompson and the VAT revenues, he could theoretically have had a good chance of winning the next election if things had gone the way they were supposed to go.”