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Fair breaks

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Fair breaks

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AN EFFECTIVELY functioning appraisal system is important to ensure that employees threatened with retrenchment are not sent home on a whim of management.
And that is why there is an urgency to fully activate the Performance Review and Development System (PRDS) in all Government departments to ensure workers a fair break in determining if they stay or go during any retrenchment exercise.
This is the view of Minister of Labour and Social Security Dr Esther Byer Suckoo, who was part of a panel discussion staged by the National Productivity Council to analyse what was productivity and how it could improve worker output in Barbados. The event was held at Princess Margaret Secondary School on Sunday evening.
In speaking to the issue of measurement of job performance in the public sector, Byer Suckoo said that sometimes the worker who was producing most was the one going home because there were no clear criteria for assessing the individual.