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A THORNY ISSUE: Questions for BCA to answer

Andi Thornhill

A THORNY ISSUE: Questions for BCA  to answer

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I hope that what seems to be a broken marriage between the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) and Kirk Edwards will soon be repaired.
When news broke two weekends ago that Edwards was sent home from the Nagico limited-overs tournament in Trinidad on the basis that he didn’t sign for his kit, it seemed that a divorce was the likely outcome.
In the eyes of many, it appeared to be too frivolous an issue for that to happen.
Not only that. In the circumstances, Edwards had the most to lose because his international career could be compromised if he’s not playing for his national team in any form of the game.
What, though, brought us to this point? I said from the start it was very unusual that a winning captain was not reappointed to lead his team this season and I didn’t expect an explanation from the BCA.
The fact that Edwards is still eligible to be selected for the West Indies in limited overs cricket despite missing the tournament in Trinidad is a slap in the face of the BCA.
If Edwards had weaknesses, were they pointed out to him so he could begin remedial work in these areas?
He claimed not. With the BCA silent on the subject, some of us might be inclined to believe his side of the story.
Was hearing held?
Was he given any hearing to discuss concerns the management had pertaining to his leadership?
Why should we be left to deduce answers from rumour?
In the matter that led to his expulsion from the team, did he sign the agreement for the kit in 2012 or 2013?
If not, what’s the big issue now?
Is it because he’s no longer captain that the authorities felt it was perfect, expedient timing to wield the axe?
If the association felt so strongly about the matter, why didn’t officials enforce it in previous years and why was no action taken against him, even if contemplated?
Management is to blame because if certain things aren’t dealt with in the early stages, there is a backlash that can come back to haunt them with a vengeance.
Further, was Edwards given a disciplinary hearing with a representative before being sent home? Who gave the order to send him packing? Will he be eligible for the Four-Day Competition?
We need answers from the BCA; otherwise there will be more rumours and speculation why the former West Indies vice-captain was expelled.
After all, Edwards was given high marks by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for his leadership of the “A” team to India last year.
Having been rejected by his own after such a sterling appraisal, will the WICB be obliged to consider Edwards for any leadership position in the near future?
The issue has divided public opinion but when you tie in the loss of the captaincy and the expulsion in short order, it makes one wonder.
I am not making out the middle-order batsman to be a saint but certain steps should be followed in matters that pertain to someone’s career and livelihood.
It is the least he deserves.
• Andi Thornhill is an experienced and award-winning sports journalist.