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DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help me feed my children

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help me  feed my children

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Dear Christine,
Two weeks ago I lost my job. In fact, I was among the first batch of “non-appointed” Government workers to be sent home.
I am the single mother of three children, all of whom are at primary school, and I recently moved from home where I lived for 34 years, to live in a house owned by the National Housing Corporation (NHC).
The move was necessary for me to provide my children with better sleeping conditions.
 Right now, however, I can no longer afford to pay rent and wonder if I will have to return to an environment which is not the best for the children or for me.
Since I can no longer pay the rent that is owed to the NHC, does this mean that I will lose having a roof over my head and my children’s?
I cannot even afford to pay my utility bills, and I am pondering how I will cope in the future if a job is not forthcoming. Last week I had nothing to give the children and was forced to beg a neighbour for food.
It pains me that I am at this all-time low in my life, particularly when my children do not always have food to eat. Sleeping at night does not come easy anymore and  I am mentally tortured each day.
I am asking you or anyone with a kind enough heart to help me and my children, while I search for work. I do not want to be a burden to you or anyone else, but I need to at least feed the children. I am not even asking for cash to pay my bills, I just want to feed my children.
Christine, I would be grateful for any contribution of food. If all a person has to give me is a tin of corned beef and a package of macaroni, I consider that a meal.
 Please, Christine, see what you can do for me.
– Mother In Need
Dear Mother In Need,
I understand the challenges of trying to survive and I have placed your letter in this column so anyone who can help with food items or at least offer you a job, would respond.
The requests for assistance are growing each week and I am appealing to anyone who can help to fulfil these requests for food to do so. Individuals can donate food items especially, since this is the No.1 request on my list.
There will also be a need for volunteers to help with the distribution of food items when they come in.
Please hang in there as I look forward to receiving some assistance on your behalf and on the behalf of those in need.
In the meantime, do not give up the job hunting. I wish you every success in this area.