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LIAT pay woes


LIAT pay woes

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STAFF OF REGIONAL airline LIAT are not having a joyful Valentine’s weekend since they are angry about their salaries being delayed for the third time in four months.
After the SUNDAY SUN obtained emails sent to staff here and in Antigua deferring their fortnightly pay by as much as ten days and affecting nearly 200 flight crew, operations and engineering staff, workers said they were discussing the option of bringing in the workers’ unions in both countries, where the airline’s main offices are located.
“This is the third time recently, and we want to know whether we’ll have to go through this for the rest of the year. Yes, we were made aware that the transition from Dash-8s to ATRs wouldn’t have been easy, but now staff are being constantly affected. We cannot live like this. Since November we’ve been getting emails about cash flow constraints and uncertainty of payment,” a number of staff members said.
The late payments continued in December and into January when payments due mid-month were paid on the 24th and those due on the 30th were delayed by a week.