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Call for Govt to join in protest

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Call for Govt to join in protest

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VENEZUELANS LIVING here have called on the Barbados Government to help them bring peace to a country hit by food shortages, deadly street protests and concerns about the reportedly growing influence of Cuba.
The appeal was made yesterday morning when about 20 men and women staged a peaceful demonstration outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Hastings, Christ Church, protesting against conditions in their country.
The Venezuelans came armed with placards in English and Spanish. They sang their national anthem, waved the national flag and chanted slogans.
Spokesman for the group of Venezuelans, Jose Enrique Zerpa, said Barbados, which had been a close friend of Venezuela and its people for many years, should do its own independent investigation of the situation and then speak out.
“I would like the Barbados Government to be objective, to realistically analyse what is happening in Venezuela,” he told the DAILY NATION.
“If they consider that what is happening in Venezuela is wrong, against human rights and so on, they should stand up and say so. Many countries have done it already.