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Cheetahs spot on at QC


Cheetahs spot on at QC

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THE ORANGE CHEETAHS gave an all-round performance to capture Queen’s College inter-house sports which were contested at Husbands, St James, yesterday.
In spite of their failure to win a divisional title, the Cheetahs ran away with 875.5 points to deny the hopes of the Yellow Panthers, who earned 836. The Panthers took the Division Three title thanks to Tre Hollingsworth, while snatching both the Boys’ and Girls’ Division Four crowns with Samual Alkins picking up 49 and Kamille Gaskin-Griffith scoring 53 points.
The Green Dragons placed third with 816.33 points, with the irrepressible Sabrina Newton taking the Division One Girls with 57.5 points while Akeem Rowe followed suit with 46 points.  Dominique Lafond earned the division three title for the Dragons as well.
Dethroned champions Blue Vex ended fourth with 774.33 but their vex status could not match that of the Red Sharks who ended fifth on 720. 33 in spite of dominant performances from the victrix lodorum and victor ludorum Carifta athlete Alana Ince and Barbados junior volleyballer Adam Niles.
Niles followed victories in the javelin and shot put with consistent track efforts to take Division Two with 64 points, while  Ince, with wins in the 100, 200, 400, long jump, shot put and discus, only showed mortality in the 800 where she placed third to garner a massive 70 points for the Sharks.
The sea motif seemed to be ill fortune on the day as the Purple Pirates brought up the rear with 521.5 points.
QC look set to create some headaches at the Barbados Secondary Schools Athletic Championship, particularly in Division Four where some intakes from the primary level saw all-day battles between Ajan Haddock of Orange, Alkins and Jahlarni Toney of Yellow.      Haddock took the 200 in 28.56 beating Alkins, 29.00, while Alkins took the 400 in 1:04.62 with Haddock ending at 1:06.62.  Toney was third in those events.  Haddock also beat Alkins in the 100 with a time of 12.82 to Alkins’ 13.54.
Orange also had a dominant male in Division Three with Antoni Hoyte-Small capturing the 100, 200 and 400 while leaving Hollingsworth second in the one and two but third to Makaari Jones of Red in the 400.
Sabrina Newton and Kiara Maynard were outstanding for Green with Newton taking the one (12.67) and two (27.62), while Maynard placed second in the one while turning the tables on Newton in the four (1:02.46).
However, Kemar Cumberbatch of Orange proved to be the fastest boy at QC, taking the 100 in 11.03 and the 200 in 23.49, but Tre Hinds, who had finished third in the 100 and second in the 200, showed his class over the distance by grabbing the 400 in 53.55.
When the relays were brought up, Orange had established a lead and the dispersal of talent among the houses did not allow any domination by any particular house, thus allowing the Cheetah to maintain their lead and be crowned champions at QC for 2014.