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STUDY TIME – Estwick giving Stuart chance to make a decision on proposals


STUDY TIME – Estwick giving Stuart chance to make a decision on proposals

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MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE Dr David Estwick’s prescription for himself as he awaits a move from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart . . . is time.
Speaking to members of the media following a ground-breaking ceremony for the Inonics Pipelines Inc. Project at The Belle Pumping Station yesterday, Estwick said only three full working days had passed since he presented his alternative economic proposals to his Cabinet colleagues, and he would give Stuart a chance to make a decision.
“I honoured my responsibility. That was to speak to the Cabinet of Barbados and present to them what I thought were reasonable and credible alternatives that we could possibly pursue. So I think the right thing for me to do right now is to give the Prime Minister some time . . . . I have to give him time to determine whether he will look at what I’m saying favourably, how he would manage with respect to the path we’re on, how we’re going to make what adjustments, if he’s going to make adjustments and so on. It is only the right thing to do, to give him and the Cabinet that opportunity,” he said.
Noting it was “very, very difficult” to say the time he was prepared to wait, the minister added: “I usually tend to allow my inner spirit to guide me in scenarios like these, and when that time comes and I believe that I need to take another stand, you can be assured I will take it.