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Broadway’s back

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Broadway’s back

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BROADWAY IS RETURNING to Barbados in another effort to raise funds for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Project coordinator of Broadway To Barbados, Robert Bourque, said the show was brought back last year with a new direction following the 2000 to 2007 stint.
“It is now known as the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust and the aim is to continue to raise money for the hospital’s medical intensive care unit (MICU). Last year we raised $275 000 and we expect we will exceed that sum this year,” he said.
The show will take place at the Frank Collymore Hall and will feature a number of Broadway stars from New York. The shows will be held on March 21 and 22 and from March 26 to 29. The goal is to eventually raise more than $900 000 in order to fulfil the equipment list for the MICU.
Bourque said there was a definite market for Broadway in Barbados and he had seen more and more people attending.
“We are sold out every time. While cost can come into play, I find increasing numbers attending from all walks of life and they all love it,” he said.
One of the aspects Bourque identified for this year was the friends programme, where interested companies and individuals could provide fund-raising support. However, he made the point that they were not begging for money.
“We’ve approached this in a business-like manner; we are not going out and saying, ‘Please give us some money’. We’ve developed this into a businesslike project; we’ve considered how this project might work. “We thought that by bringing this Broadway show, it would give great visibility to the project, the hospital, the sponsors and the public at large,” he said.
Bourque said they hoped to set an example other entities would follow as the Government needed the private sector to support it.
“This business approach can be followed by many other businesses in this country. “There’s many very astute business people in this community with great entrepreneurial skills and they can pick a project with this hospital,” he said, adding there was scope for assisting the hospital’s laboratory, accident and emergency, asthmatics, diabetics, paediatrics, cardiac and general medicine, among other sections.
Head of the department of medicine, Dr Anne-Marie Hassell, said the funds generated not only much needed equipment but essential training as well.
“We’ve just expanded from a six-bed to an 11-bed ICU and having got the infrastructure, we would have needed the equipment to put in it, so through this trust we have been able to provide the needed equipment.
“They’ve also made sure there are funds to maintain the equipment as well as training. For example, they paid for doctors from the United States to come in and train our residents to a basic level on the new ultrasound machine. They are doing a complete package,” she said.