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MAVIS BECKLES: The fraudsters among the tourists

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MAVIS BECKLES: The fraudsters among the tourists

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But there’s a thing, nuh? People from all ovah the world and all ’bout the place does come here and some o’ dem like duh does believe dat li’l Buh-ba-dus is a push ovah.
Duh like duh believe dat because we small, and live pon a li’l island in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, a li’l dot pon the map, we is a people wid-out education or common sense.So duh could fly in here and walk out wid we money as duh like.
Look, dem ain’t know dat this li’l Buh-ba-dus could boast of some o’ the brightest minds and some the most educated people in the world. Dem ain’t know dat we got a real good police force, despite what some people may say or think. So, duh does come in here and try tuh pull all kinds o’ scams in the hope dat duh gine waltz out the same way duh waltz in and get away wid it.
Look, if it ain’t the Bulgarians it is some other set o’ foreigners: people from some other part o’ the world coming tuh add tuh duh riches offa we, I tell ya.
But people is something else, hear? There’s never a dull moment wid these crooked minded people, hear wha’ I tell ya.
Duh like duh does sit down and scroll through places like Barbados around the world, then come in a couple times tuh scope out how they could carry out duh scenes and get away wid it.
Some o’ dem like duh believe dat we is idiots, we suh small and simple, we ain’t know wha’ gine on, we behind, we backward.
Dem ain’t know dat we up tuh date pon evah single thing dat does go on all ovah the world. We have tuh be. Some o’ dem like duh believe dat because dem does see a vacation paradise pon the computer. Dem does think dat by landing here and feeling the relaxed atmosphere and easy going-ness o’ the people, dat evahbody’s minds does be pon vacation twenty-four seven.
Dem doan realise dat by now, after all o’ these years of people coming in here and trying tuh juck out we people eyes, we police force gine be in pon the many scams dem does try tuh pull. I gine tell you, I worked in the hospitality or hotel industry fuh years – and I ain’t talking ’bout nuh one or two year, I talking ’bout real nuff years – and over dem years I have come across some o’ the most li-ed, fraudulent, unscrupulous and crooked people you could find pon the face of God’s earth.
You know how many people get fired or almost get fired in some o’ the hotels because of false reports? I could testify tuh this because I know it for a fact.
Ya see, duh suh crooked dat duh know the hotel management gine give dem the benefit of the doubt ’cause duh ain’t want the hotel name tarnished; it is bad publicity so, now the management gine go tuh all lengths tuh make amends, including, at times, firing somebody just tuh pacify these people while dem get on pon a plane and fly outta Barbados wid a big able smile pon duh face.
Leh me tell ya: this sort o’ thing so like wha’ just happen or ain’t happen there at Sandy Lane ain’t just start happening ya know? This sort o’ thing was happening fuh years now; it is only dat it happening pon a larger and more sophisticated scale now.
And while at one time it would’ve seem like the hotel management, the hotel or guest house staff might’ve been a li’l apprehensive tuh expose these sort o’ people because of bad publicity, some staff member used tuh be the fall guy, guilty or not. But we police nip it in the bud.
You know if dem did get away wid dat scheme, what kinda publicity we in Barbados would get? Yes, all kinds o’ people would got we in duh bad books because o’ the way the economy going and because a lot o’ people losing duh work and the cash fuh gold thing still big bout here.
But thanks tuh the police fuh getting these fraudsters who couldn’t care less ’bout how this sort o’ thing could tarnish and destroy Barbados’ reputation. Duh should be made tuh shell out some money tuh the Royal Barbados Police Force.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.