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Old house standing on last legs

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Old house standing on last legs

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THERE is nothing spectacular about this 100-year-old house at Bank Hall Main
Road, St Michael, other than it is still standing – well, barely.
The old house is home to Lionel Hinds, 75, and his partner, Merlene Cheltenham, but it is falling to pieces around them. An entire side has collapsed on the upper floor exposing them to the elements.
But Hinds, a retired prison officer, who applied to the Urban Development Commission several years ago for assistance in repairing the shingled, gabled roof house, is adamant that he is not leaving.
He claims that the house has sentimental value to him and furthermore he has no where to go.
While Hinds is content on watching the house crumble around him, motorists and pedestrians who use the busy street fear that it will fall at any time and cause some serious harm. (MB)