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Vendor shows how

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Vendor shows how

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VENDOR SHOWS HOW. This?Oistins fish vendor, who gave her name as Pat, demonstrating the correct procedure for transporting and keeping her fish in a trolley.
On Friday, health authorities at the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex carried out a surprise inspection and several trollies were seized because vendors were failing to follow the correct protocol for keeping fish in trolleys.
When a NATION?team?visited the Berinda Cox Fish Market at Oistins yesterday, Pat had a clean sheet of plastic at the bottom of her trolley and her dolphins inside surrounded by ice, ready to be sold.
“This is how we were taught to do it at the training sessions,” Pat said.
The authorities have said that further inspections would be carried out at all the markets to ensure that vendors were complying with best practices. (Picture by Sandy Pitt.)