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ALTAR CALL: God key to contentment

Cheryl Harewood

ALTAR CALL: God key to contentment

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What a Friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.
As the words of this famous song echoed throughout the modest room at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds on a rather rainy day, it was evident that they brought some measure of comfort to the close to 30 inmates who stood with their hymn books wide open.
They sang lustily, as though each word was a testimony of their recognition of the greatness of God.
Eager faces, few reflecting any sense of hopelessness, met the team of ministers who also joined their voices with the inmates to make a joyful melody unto the Lord.
By the time the voices could no longer be heard, and prayers had been offered up, Minister Orlando Edghill shared a message on contentment which resulted in hands being lifted in acknowledgement of the need for God.
Edghill told the young men that one element of the secret to contentment was “first finding yourself close to God”.
He told them that when this was achieved, we could all be contented no matter what circumstances or situation we might find ourselves in.
“We’ve got to clean up ourselves, ask God to forgive us of our sins and present our bodies as living sacrifices.”
He urged them not to allow the enemy to make them live in filth; to stand for what they believe; walk with God, and practise contentment.
“When you are contented on the inside you are relieved of heaviness. Spend your first hours in the morning in prayer and pray for those who have sinned against you.
“Be honest when you go before God and ask Him to remove sins such as lust and perversion from your mind,” he said.
Edghill told them the enemy was “very aware of their weaknesses” and would often dangle their weaknesses, such as lust, before their faces.
Confessing that he too had a spirit of lust which stopped him from receiving and communicating with God, Edghill said this sin also caused the angels to turn their faces away from him.
As he shared about his struggles with lust, the minister told the young men to bring every weakness and sin to God.
“Live a life that shows forth you as a living sacrifice to God. Let your place of abode be sanctified so God’s angels won’t have to turn their faces away from you,” he pleaded.
“Be contented with your life and find pleasure in living for God. Contentment with God brings healing to the heart, soul, mind and your senses. A change of character will come about when you’re contented.”
Special prayers were offered up on the behalf of each inmate before the ministers made their departure from behind the prison walls.
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