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Call for code


Call for code

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TRADE UNION LEADER Sir Roy Trotman has called for codes of conduct to become “part of the industrial relations environment” of Barbados.
The general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) said such codes, in operation in a number of countries, went beyond the laws and regulations in seeking justice for workers.
He raised the issue yesterday at the Grande Salle of the Central Bank of Barbados at the start of a series of presentations and panel discussions to mark A Week Of Excellence.
He told the gathering: “We are firmly of the view that codes of conduct must become part of the industrial relations environment and that influential employers whose businesses interface with others on an ongoing basis must be willing to sign on to the implementation of such codes of conduct.”
According to Sir Roy, this was the practice in many parts of the world “where progressive employers are willing to use their wealth and influence to create a better social environment in which justice and equality of opportunity are part of the fundamentals”.
He told the DAILY NATION that codes of conduct bridged the gap between laws and regulations and best practices.