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DEAR CHRISTINE: He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing

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DEAR CHRISTINE: He’s a wolf in  sheep’s clothing

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Dear Christine,
Five years ago my husband left me and until early last year I fended for myself. I said then I would never have another man.
I was working and found no difficulty supporting myself.
Well, as it happened, I met B. He talked his way into my heart and life until I gave up my house and went to live with him.
Things started to go wrong from day one. I discovered that “come see me” and “come live with me” are two different things.
This man is very fretful. Recently he has been telling me he hates me. He has hit me on a few occasions and has even asked me to leave his house.
When I do as he says, he gets on worse; then he apologises.
When he first asked me to live with him, I sold my small car so he could get a bigger one, which we both use to go to work.
 Leaving him will mean no home and no car for me.
Where do I go from here?
– G
Dear G,
You have an important decision to make which will determine what you value most.
Will it be the car, the house or your health?
You’ve met a real wolf in sheep’s clothing and now that you’re seeing the real person, I guarantee you he will continue to beat, insult and disrespect you.
You said you managed well before he came along, and although you may have to resort to taking the bus until you can afford to purchase another vehicle of your own, it would be better to do so than to put your life at risk.
Try retracing your steps and seek to get back to managing on your own.
Such a move will bring about the desired change and set you on a better path.