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Prescod refuses to leave stage

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Prescod refuses to leave stage

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BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY (BLP) Member of Parliament Trevor Prescod bluntly refused to come off the stage when signalled by chairman Jerome Walcott at Quakers Road, Carrington Village, St Michael, on Sunday night.
Told to wrap up 25 minutes into his address at the BLP’s Enough Is Enough rally, Prescod shouted above the interlude music: “I am not coming down, Jerome, and I mean it. I am on the border of my constituency. I don’t care who talk longer than me. I talking here! I mean it. I ain’t moving. I serious.”
He went on to say there were serious problems in the country causing people to enter the Psychiatric Hospital daily as a result of stress caused by the ruling party; but the music, Bob Marley’s Get Up, Stand Up, continued and so did Prescod, who complained that his speeches were being repeatedly shortened.
“My children and your children will not have access to tertiary education at the University of the West Indies because this Government has gone counterproductive to the interests of ordinary people,” he stated, adding that black boys in Barbados were being jailed because of their inability to pay child maintenance.
The music stopped and Prescod went on five minutes more, telling Walcott, who was standing near the stage: “You can’t tell me come home! Wrong man! I am coming home but you can’t tell me come home. Yuh can’t tell Mia Mottley so, yuh can’t tell Arthur so, yuh can’t tell Pressie so neither!”
The crowd roared. Earlier, Prescod insisted that as far as he was concerned, the brigadier general of the BLP was Mia Amor Mottley.
“There is no reservation whatsoever [about] the leadership in this party . . . . I’m prepared to stand up behind a woman like Mia Mottley because she has the natural divine endowments to lead this country down the right path,” he said and added that Barbadians might march because of the lay-offs and economic pain, but they must be prepared to face police reaction and even spend some nights at Dodds Prisons. (RJ)