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Santia seeing red

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Santia seeing red

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OPPOSITION Member of Parliament Santia Bradshaw is ready to march and is calling on Barbadians to do the same.
In a fiery speech at the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) mass meeting in Quakers Road, Carrington Village, St Michael, on Sunday night, the St Michael South-East representative said: “I am tired of the talk. I am tired of the meetings. I’m tired of coming out in my red shirt.
“I come here angry tonight but resolute on a mission to let the people of this country know that the Barbados Labour Party is ready to hit the road.”
She said it was no longer enough to stay quiet and that she was tired of the hurt she was hearing in the voices of people calling her from all across the land.
Speaking to a large audience that included her father, former MP Delisle Bradshaw, she said: “Enough is enough! I want to hit the streets. I want to put my feet on the concrete with a placard in my hand and tell the Government of Barbados that they will not silence me.”
She said it was not about disliking anyone in the Government but a message had to be sent via a peaceful protest.
Asking whether Bajans would sit down and allow anyone to do as they liked because they didn’t care, Bradshaw said it seemed people here had reached a stage where they would listen to the Government saying nothing better could be done in tourism while other neighbouring countries were attracting thousands of visitors.
She therefore called on Barbadians to think for themselves and move aside the smoke and mirrors the ruling Democratic Labour Party was bringing.
“I don’t know what it will take for Bajans to realise how close we are to the very edge,” Bradshaw said, adding that each and every Barbadian had been impacted by the rapidly declining economic conditions in the last six years.
What was particularly telling recently, she added, was that Minister of Agriculture Dr David Estwick had agreed with the Opposition that constituency councils, summer camps and the David Thompson football tournament should never have been inflicted on the people of Barbados.
“If he will not resign, the voices of the people of this country have to be heard. We have to force him into a position that he understands that he must now do the right thing, and he cannot ignore the people of this country.”
Stating that it seemed as if Barbadians were afraid to speak out, she added that she hoped party leader Mia Mottley was coming to tell Barbadians they were walking.
“If she don’t tell you, you need to tell her we are ready to walk; we done with these meetings,” she said. (RJ)