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SLICE OF LIFE: 60 and loving it

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SLICE OF LIFE: 60 and loving it

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Moonshine in Flat Rock, St George, came alive last Saturday night when friends and well-wishers assembled at the home of David and Wendy Boyce.
The focus was Wendy, who was celebrating her 60th birthday.
The view overlooked the St George Valley all the way down to the coast, and balloons and decorated tents added to the mood and the tone of the proceedings. A bubbly Wendy met guests on arrival and mingled freely.
The celebration meant much to her. Looking at Wendy, one would never have been able to contemplate the pain and agony this charming woman experienced years before following an accident at the workplace that resulted in a dislocation of her spine and a splintered neck.
“I am 60 but I feel like I am 16,” she declared.
Husband David was as happy as the birthday girl.
“You only reach that mark once. After 30 years together, what is there that I could say? We have seen it all and done it all together. We have worked together as a team; that is how we got ahead. We travel together, shop together. We built a house together starting from scratch,” he said.  
One of the guests enjoying herself to the fullest was Lorna Bryan, a regular competitor in the fun costume category of the Nation fun Walk. She was happy to identify herself as one of Wendy’s friends.
“I met Wendy some years ago at an Independence Day Parade and we have been friends since that time.”  
On the upper balcony overlooking the back courtyard marked with its stately coconut trees, guests worked up a sweat on the dance floor.
The deejay also gave those who wanted to pay musical tribute a chance to do so on his karaoke system.
David joined in that fun. As he gently hugged a beaming Wendy, he sang: Since I met you baby, I’m a happy man. Since I met you baby, my whole life has changed.
The meal was also a fitting tribute with the regular Bajan delicacies that pleased the palates.
Whether they were long-standing friends or just acquaintances who had accompanied friends, everyone seemed to feel at home and looked like one big, happy family.