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DE MARKEET VENDOR: Who tell we,  we cud preside over weselves!

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DE MARKEET VENDOR: Who tell we,  we cud preside over weselves!

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We the people live in a time of great enlightenment and should be grateful fuh de men and women who leading we out of despair. De Almighty bless we wid some of the brightest visionaries who does mek people like Eric Williams, Grantley Adams, Norman and Michael Manley, Errol Barrow and John Compton pale in comparison.
Two weeks ago I read a profund and enlightened statement from one of dese visionaries, from Dominica, Dr Thomson Fontaine, who said in relation to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) dat de opposition United Workers Party considered joining the CCJ a “very serious” matter fuh Dominca, oui garcon!
“As a party we don’t believe that Dominca is ready for this move. We don’t believe it should have been done. There are still a lot of questions about the judiciary and the ability of our own people to preside over themselves.”
As a simple vendor I would have to agree with the goodly doctor and while I am not doctor anything and ah not sure if he is dog, cat or a real real people doctor or a doctor of something else, I have to support the good doctor that we are not ready to preside over ourselves.
I supporting he pun de basis dat either his parents or de government of Dominica invested good money in him and sent him overseas to get his degrees, and de investment is now about to pay off fuh Dominicans.
Who are we, little 2×4 islands, to declare dat we setting up institutions of governance all over de place? Who tell we that we could spend millions of dollars setting up something called Caricom, University of the West Indies, a Caribbean Development Bank and so on? Who tell we dat we can run dese things, eh?
Doc, you got a point, we keep setting up institutions like if we know how to run something. Imagine $100 million in funds invested to run a court. Why do dat when we know dat de mother country know best ’bout these things?
Where we get the idea from that we could have a West Indies cricket team? Or set up and operate a regional airline? Next thing little places like St Vincent gine want to have their own airport!
Wunnah don’t see all over de Caribbean – Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua and other places – they had to bring in white men to run things in de police force and what a positive impact it had pun reducing crime?
 Look, enough of dis foolishness. I wid Dr Fontaine: we can’t run a Caribbean court. Good Lord, not when we have the impartial and caring Privy Council; who would give up dat fuh a CCJ? Mad people? Next thing wunnah will have market vendors posing as journalists? Eh?
Wunnah don’t see what trouble we getting weselves into? Time to put things right, go back to de days of one currency, solve everybody problem one time, bring back de days of British headmasters, British heads of police, fire department and prison too. Bring back the governor and de Union Jack – rule Britannia!
In fact, maybe only property owners should vote. Too many ignorant people got too much say ’bout dese parts. We need to import British doctors too – which Caribbean man want a Dominican doctor checking he testicles when he could have a British doctor?
Doc, who we think we is to declare dat we got de ability to preside over weselves?
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?