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DEAR CHRISTINE: Wife’s jealousy driving me crazy

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Wife’s jealousy driving me crazy

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Dear Christine,
My wife has been driving me crazy with jealousy since we got married a year ago.
Like any other young man I had a few girlfriends, but that all ended after I met and married her. Still, she is insanely jealous. She imagines any girl I talk to as a danger.
It is true that I am a friendly person and there are many young people where I work with whom I have good relationships, but I am not intimate with anyone else but my wife.
She accuses me of flirting. Christine, it’s not that; I simply love meeting other people and talking to them.
When we are out together and any female starts talking to me, I have to cut the conversation short before she begins to accuse me. When we get to be alone with each other, she asks me a lot of questions as though I am on trial.
This jealousy is driving me crazy and I am wondering what I can do about it. I am 23 years old and my wife is 21.
– R.B.
Dear R.B.,
Your wife is insecure and this will continue to affect your marriage unless you sit her down and have a serious talk with her.
Let her know when you married her, you did not give up the rights to having friends or being friendly. In addition, reassure her of your love and commitment to her.
Working and mixing with people necessitates friendliness and you should not have to change your personality because of her jealous trait.
She may be faced with an unpopular choice: either controlling her jealousy, or her worst fears are likely to come true – that of losing your love.