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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Not fooled by the talk

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Not fooled by the talk

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?PEOPLE WITHIN a certain clique are shaking their heads in disbelief at the suggestion from an always optimistic, smooth-talking man that confidence is returning to the economy. They are also worried that an individual who has cast himself as a saviour is sounding desperate and seems to have run out of ideas.
One of their number told Cou Cou on Wednesday after a big do that the only thing his colleagues are confident about is the economy eventually imploding unless urgent action is taken to cut Government expenses and at the same time put money back in people’s pockets.
The person said their group is not fooled by the bluster of the ruling elite’s mouthpiece, which he described as calculated messages aimed at discrediting anyone with another view.
He said the dressing down dissenters keep getting is serving to ensure fewer people would be willing to say anything, but that doesn’t mean the situation is improving and confidence is growing.
Likewise, his group is worried that those projecting themselves as the alternative leaders seem to have run out of steam, having failed to stir up the populace to speak out.
The man told Cou Cou that within the next six months for sure if no significant movement is made to seriously deal with the country, there will be no winners – only losers.
Action on camera
?SURVEILLANCE IS KING at the latest acquisition of a certain group, say staffers, as cameras are everywhere.
It seems that wherever people congregate in this place, eyes are watching remotely 24 hours a day.
With big brother watching, and they suspect listening to their every word, the staff feel as if someone is always breathing down their necks. So for them the weather at this facility is definitely not sunny.
Though they are thankful for the work, many have been quietly saying they would prefer to go somewhere else and receive less than to have their every move monitored as it presently is as they feel very uncomfortable.
One staffer extremely fed up with the situation questioned how an employer can be allowed to do this sort of thing in Barbados, and has likened it to an invasion of their privacy.
The person even said that given the wide-scale nature of the surveillance they look around the washrooms carefully before dropping their pants to do their personal business – just in case unseen eyes are looking.
All questions
?A CALLER to Cou Cou has questioned whether there is really governance in Barbados. The person pointed to a number of things which have occurred and surmised that Barbadians are deluding themselves while the aspects of the democracy which made our country strong are being undermined daily. Here is an edited version of their concerns:
“We are supposed to be a country governed by laws where no one is above being brought to justice, yet a court rules a man – Al Barrack – should be paid money owed to him by Government, and to date he can’t see a cent of it. Where is the governance?
“Shanique Myrie gets an award from the Caribbean Court of Justice against the Government too and up to now she can’t see a red cent of that money.
“A minister announces that two regional governments would be investing in a controversial project here – Four Seasons – only for the two prime ministers of those countries to deny it is happening.
“And another Cabinet minister slams a Cabinet decision and the Prime Minister does not unpick his teeth. Where is the governance in these?
“Also a high-ranking technocrat speaks out on a matter of policy and is out of step with Government’s declared policy, but yet he is not publicly reminded that policy is not his turf.
“So what governance do we really have in Barbados?” the caller asked.?