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NUPW: Pay the 300

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NUPW: Pay the 300

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BARBADOS’ LARGEST PUBLIC sector union is getting extremely agitated by Government’s lack of follow-through on the dismissal of more than 300 drainage workers.
The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), which represents the former temporary state employees, revealed that the workers were still to receive their termination payments.
And NUPW general secretary Dennis Clarke has told Government to urgently pay the workers what was due to them.
In a statement, yesterday Clarke said: “Out of the discussions held with the Ministry of Environment, it was agreed that all termination payments due to drainage workers would be settled by February 28.”
But up to late yesterday as Members of Parliament celebrated the 375th anniversary of Parliament, the union said hundreds of workers were still without the money due to them.
Clarke said the outstanding payments included money for vacation leave due, lieu notice and termination pay based on completion of at least two years’ service.
The NUPW boss insisted that the delay had inflicted “further hardships on the terminated drainage workers” in addition to the “unceremonious manner in which they were terminated”.
As a result of the development the public sector union called on Government to take immediate action to have the payments made to the retrenched workers as a matter of urgency. (GE)