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Satellite clinics for dialysis patients

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Satellite clinics for dialysis patients

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SATELLITE CLINICS have been touted as the next best step in treating patients in need of dialysis.
This comes from consultant nephrologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dr Lisa Belle.
“In most First World countries, the push is to have dialysis clinics outside of a hospital, so the acute care [for those] who need to be monitored will be primarily done at the hospital,” she told the media recently, following a presentation of a Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) machine.
The donation was made by representatives of C O Williams Construction, in memory of late general manager Roger Gooding, in the hospital’s boardroom.
“For those who are stable and [dialysis] is quite routine . . . can put the needles in themselves, set up their machines and perform the dialysis on their own. The benefit is that it takes the pressure off the hospital. [We are] not quite there but we are working on it.”
Belle explained that the CRRT machines replaced the function of the kidneys, cleaning the blood before it was recirculated.
She also noted that patients in need of dialysis were usually dealing with other health complications, including diabetes and hypertension.
A renewed push will be made towards preventative medicine, “so that patients with these underlying conditions are actually dealt with before they develop kidney disease as a complication. .
“Kidney disease can come as a primary disease but for 70 per cent of the patients, it is a complication of something else,” Belle said.