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Dad’s last wish honoured

Maria Bradshaw

Dad’s last wish honoured

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AMERICAN TODD BREITENSTEIN visited Barbados once and for only a few hours in 2011, but he fell so in love with the island, especially Rockley Beach in Christ Church, that he asked his family to scatter his remains there.
Little did Kerry, his wife of 24 years, know that two years later she would be fulfilling his wish.
Early on Monday morning, she and her two sons, Jonathan and Alex, trekked from their room at Worthing Court Hotel, Christ Church, down to the nearby Rockley Beach carrying the cremated remains of her husband, who passed away in March 2013.
They scattered his ashes in the sparkling blue sea, wishing him happy birthday too, since he would have celebrated his 48th birthday on that day had he been alive.
With the waves pounding their feet and still holding on to the brown wooden urn in which she kept her husband’s ashes for over year, Kerry told the MIDWEEK?NATION: “This was his favourite place.
“Him and my son stood out on this beach and he looked around and he said, ‘You know what? I?am staking my claim right here. It is just so beautiful. This is where I want to be.’ And this is where I brought him back,” she said, as she gazed out to sea.
Kerry recalled that she and her family were on a Caribbean cruise when they stopped over in Barbados.
“Todd researched and he found Rockley Beach. He said this is the place we need to go and this is where we ended up. It’s a beautiful island.”  
Unfortunately a year after his visit, Todd was diagnosed with cancer. Kerry explained that there was nothing the doctors could do to save his life.
“It was a very aggressive form of cancer and they couldn’t do anything about it. It was skin cancer that moved to his lungs in less than nine months,” she revealed.
However, she said her husband’s deep love for Barbados and Rockley Beach had extended to the entire family, except their daughter Marissa, who is afraid of flying.
“Only yesterday we were talking about buying a home here. This would be the perfect place; it’s so beautiful here.”
The Breitensteins own a board game company and are publishers of the popular and award-winning board game ZOMBIE!!!.
Calling his father the best person?he could have ever met, Jonathan, 21, said: “Every day I miss him. I turned out exactly like my father and I couldn’t have turned out any better.”
Younger brother Alex said: “This was, as my mum said, his favourite place, so it’s really hard for me, but I’m glad that he chose this place.”
Kerry, who hails from Kentucky, United States, said her family intended to return often.
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