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DEAR CHRISTINE: I can’t seem to please hubby

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DEAR CHRISTINE: I can’t seem  to please hubby

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE BEEN MARRIED for 15 years and I love my husband. Lately, however, he has been behaving so badly, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how much longer I can take it.
He is constantly cursing and he blows up at the slightest things. Nothing I do pleases him.
My cooking is never as good as his mother’s and he always finds fault and criticises. He does not realise how hard it is to get three children dressed, fed and off to school.
If he has to wait five minutes or if breakfast is not prepared by a specific time, he blows up. What do I do?
– T.B.
Dear T.B.,
Obviously your husband is unhappy about something but I am not in a position to say what it is. Any marked changed in behaviour that continues over a period of time, as this obviously has, is a symptom of trouble and should be dealt with.
First of all I suggest you talk with him about his altered behaviour, to see if he is aware of it. Find out if he has any explanation as to what the cause of his irritability might be.
It’s possible that he is under some special pressure at work and is using you as a target for his anger, because he feels he cannot face his superiors at work.
Of course, this is not fair to you and it certainly is not solving any office problems.
If nothing has changed at his job, if he has no special pressures, if he feels nothing else has altered in his life to produce this personality change, then you should search for physical causes.
Sudden personality changes can be a symptom of physical disorders. Your doctor will know how to determine if this could be responsible for your husband’s impatience and lack of understanding.