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DEAR CHRISTINE: Worried about how son spends his money

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Worried about how son spends his money

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Dear Christine,
I need help because my 17-year-old son is always in love with one girl or another. It changes very fast and I cannot keep up with his latest big interests. And each new girl means he spends more money on her.
He yells at me because he says it is his money he works for.
This is true, but he pays no rent and we’re very poor. His father left five years ago and I still have no steady man and nobody to support my kids but me.
– M.K.
Dear M.K.,
I understand and sympathise with the many problems you must meet daily, in trying to raise a family alone without outside support.
It sounds to me that your son is desperately searching for love and affection. Sometimes, teenagers who leap wildly from one relationship to the other are really trying to find the emotional reassurance they want to receive from their parents.
They want to know they are important as human beings and they want to feel respected and loved.
The less emotional support they get from parents, the more they’re apt to get on the emotional merry-go-round you describe.