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Sparman ‘covered’

Sanka Price

Sparman ‘covered’

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PATIENTS WHO RECEIVE cardiac treatment from Dr Alfred Sparman should have eligible health insurance claims honoured.
This, says Sparman’s attorney Sir Richard Cheltenham, is a key outcome of the High Court decision on February 19 by Justice Dr Sonia Richards that the doctor can continue working as a cardiologist until the court hears his case against the Barbados Medical Council for refusing his registration.
Sparman filed for a judicial review of the council’s decision not to grant him registration as a specialist required by the then new Medical Registration Act 2011-1.
Unlike the old 1971 act under which Sparman was registered to practice as a cardiologist here from 2001 after presentation of certificates, the new law requires a two-tiered registration – first as a general practitioner and secondly as a specialist with proof of qualifications and/or experience with affirmation.