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ALTAR CALL: It’s time we walk with God

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ALTAR CALL: It’s time we walk with God

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“IT IS TIME to stop playing religion. We have come to the place in Christianity that if God be God, let us walk in Him. Let us walk in covenant with Him.”
Hailing all the way from Africa, Pastor Martha Kure made this statement as she addressed those gathered at New Dimensions Ministries, Barbarees  Hill, St Michael, last Wednesday during the Healing The Nation Convention and week of services, organised by the pastoral team of New Dimensions Ministries headed by Apostle Stephen Holford.
Kure, one of three speakers, spoke on the subject Healing In The Covenant. She not only urged the congregation to walk in covenant with God, but stressed that God kept His covenants and promises.
“We have come to the place, beloved, that if we are born of God, we are His offspring, and there has to be a difference between us and those who are not born of God.
“If this is to be so, then the pathway God has given for you to walk in will distinguish you from others,” Kure said.
She noted that such a pathway must make true believers stand out and walk contrary to nature.
“You will not see things the way people see things but see them with the eyes of the Lord. And because you see things with the eyes of God, you will possess what others cannot possess.
“This year you will see that within the covenant of the blood [made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ], is everything you need.”
She told her listeners that “if the devil does not interfere” with their lives they would never know how to pray, command the devil, or that within their hands “is the power to heal”.
She said if everything was going good with believers and if Satan was not making some people sick, one would never know about the gift of healing.
“We need him [Satan] as a servant to work for us. You can exercise your power on earth when he comes around,” Kure said.
Describing 2014 as the Year of Passover, Kure said the provisions God had for His people “are opened to them, and to gain access to them, one must go through the blood”.
She said that while kingdoms come and go, while empires are raised and brought down, while governments come and governments go, “there  is a King, there is a Ruler, there is Government and there is a Throne that does not change”.
The minister added that “within Barbados is a nation within a nation” – those whom God has called by His name, and believers must walk as Kingdom people.  
She added: “The Book of Ordinances [Bible] carries the mysteries of our lives here on earth. God is calling on His people who will receive His instructions, carry them out, and whose lives will not be affected like others.
“God’s ordinances do not change. He is the Lord who was and is and is to come. Jesus is not seeking those who are well and contented with their lives. He is seeking those who are wounded; those who are bruised; those who are torn apart; those who are desperate and have gone into a state of depression; those who believe there is no worth in their lives.
“[He says] I have come to heal. I have come to raise up. I have come that you may have life.”
The week of services was filled with worship, praise and warfare songs denoting victory for the church worldwide.
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