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DEAR CHRISTINE: Pastor has gone astray

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Pastor has gone astray

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Dear Christine,
I want to share a situation which has been taking place in a church, and which I believe needs to be exposed, with the hope that the guilty parties will repent and ask God for forgiveness.
There is a relatively young, married, non-national woman who has caused the pastor of the church to resign from his post and leave a congregation without a leader. Mind you Christine, I am not blaming the woman totally for this most recent action; I am also blaming the pastor for what he has been doing. They are both making the church look really bad.
This pastor allows this woman, who goes around posing as a minister of the gospel, to go into his wife’s home and act as though she is the one wearing the ring. This happens even when the wife is at home. This is total disrespect and he should know better.
She cooks for him and even had the gall to tell his wife he prefers this woman’s food over hers. Christine, this woman, who looks so much like the wife, works with this man. They spend all hours of the night supposedly at work.
Tell me Christine, which tradesman would be found working at someone else’s home all up to 1 a.m.? Night does run till day catch it.
This woman has done everything to make the pastor’s wife cry blood. She copies the wife to a “T” and has this man, who hails from the same country as she does, very bewitched to the point where he now neglects his wife and child.
Christine, it hurts me that a man who claimed to be a pastor could be so insensitive to his wife’s feelings and those of the members of the church. In fact, I should say, the church he used to head. He was trying his utmost best to give this woman a senior position in the church, but things backfired and the church officials asked him to step down. That was the best thing he did in the past year or so since this “affair” with this woman came to the fore.
Christine, this woman is married and should know better. She walks around preaching she has been healed from HIV/AIDS. If that is the case, she should be thanking God for the miracle of healing, not walking around breaking up homes and causing pain and hurt to others.
This pastor has shown his former congregation he was nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but sadly, he seems not to have any remorse for what he is doing or has done to his wife and young daughter.
Christine, my heart hurts daily when I look at how these two people are allowing the devil to use them. . . but I know the longest day has got an end.
I want to tell the wife to hold on to God; that He never fails. I want to encourage her to tell everything to Jesus because He is a burden bearer. I also want to tell her she is a lot better off because she never knows what her husband will pick up . . . and bring to the wedding bed.
    I want to tell her to hold her head up high and stop looking so lost and alone. God is with you, dear sister, and the wrong these two people have done and continue to do, will be repaid to them in due season. Just trust God, keep praying, and take good care of yourself. There are other sisters like myself who will be lifting you up in prayer as you face this difficult and uncertain time in your life.
– Silent Watcher

Dear Silent Watcher,
You have presented a sad case which will cause anyone who reads it to wonder how could two people cause so much pain to those they are supposed to love and respect.
I believe you are well aware that not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” is necessarily a true man or woman of God. I hope your words of encouragement will strengthen this man’s wife during this time of her life, and she will draw from the fact that you and other women have made it a point to pray her through.