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HEALING HERBS: Recession-ready recipes

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS: Recession-ready recipes

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“We must stop ignoring the divine talents and the gifts bestowed on us by the Creator.” This is my quote for Barbadians, especially those 3 000 workers who are being retrenched.
Last Friday after I delivered a presentation at St Alban’s Primary, I had a progressive conversation with Mrs V. Wood, retired principal of St Jude’s Primary, and Reverend Thelma Gill-Barnett.
We spoke about gifts and talents. To understand and develop these talents we must pay attention to what we are passionate about. In fact, those retrenched workers who are very angry and depending solely on their various unions must find quiet time and chat with the Creator.
I want to inspire them by providing this unique article about two women and one man who are using their divine food preparation talent. Although they are not formally trained in all
food preparation skills, they each have a secret passion for it.
I implore the retrenched workers to find their talent and like Lucinda, Anderson and Angela, they must allow their passion to come alive. They too like Zhigge can “rake in the dough”.
Mr Anderson Seale of Republic Bank was inspired through a recipe from a colleague to prepare a very unique, succulent bread using silent doctors prunes, raisins, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, seven grains, molasses, Bulgur wheat and other ingredients. His inexpensive, distinctive bread is “recession ready” and nutritious. The nutrients it contains can assist those with high blood pressure, anaemia and constipation.
My sister Lucinda offered me lunch last week and as I sat at Foundation School dining, I said, “this is a million dollar dish”.
I called it the recession buster. It was tasty and well presented. It contained spinach, cooked diced breadfruit and yam, onions, sliced carrots, ginger, garlic, turmeric, fish, black pepper and curry, all stir fried in olive oil. It was nutrient packed and deserves recognition as an inexpensive, healthy alternative.      
Also, after attending a third form level meeting, I relaxed by having a conversation with a pleasant co-worker Mrs Angela Lashley. Angela has a passion for cooking and teaching. She spoke with passion about her 20 dumpling Bajan soup, her eggplant bakes and many other delicious recession-ready dishes.
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