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Sand hike

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Sand hike

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From today it will be more costly to build.
Homeowners and construction companies say they have been hit with an instant increase of almost 85 per cent in sand from the island’s lone provider, Walkers Sand Quarry in St Andrew.
Customers of the company were notified on Friday through letters about the increase while the general population was put on notice via an advertisement that appeared in the Press yesterday.
The price of a tonne of sand jumped from just over $26 to $42 without Value Added Tax.
The move has upset those in the construction business, some hardware store operators and truckers who called a hasty meeting last night to deal with the startling increase by the monopoly sand miners.
Some of those whose businesses and employment rely on the sand are planning to protest this morning at the quarry. They will turn up but refuse to make any purchases, with a threat to boycott the company this week.