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Sound of music fills the Hall


Sound of music fills the Hall

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THOSE WHO MISSED the chance to hear the musical talent of Harrison College’s past and present can try to convince the PTA and the principal to give an encore performance for Mosaic:?from classic tuk jazz.
It shouldn’t have taken the danger of losing their music programme for such outstanding performances to grace the Frank Collymore Hall last Friday and Saturday.
It shouldn’t have taken the cancellation of the after school instrumental classes, restarted by voluntary efforts of past students, for the public to see and hear the Mosaic Jazz and Big Bands.
Among those thrilling the audience were Nicholas Brancker on guitar and daughter Mackenzie on drums; Roger Gittens on keyboard and son Miles on violin as well as David Rowe on keyboard with daughter Deborah on violin.
In tribute to Albert Williams and Janice Millington-Robertson, 17 acts graced the stage in a three-and-a-half-hour-long show. They ranged from the school orchestra playing the National Anthem to the glorious sounds of voices and other instruments.
The echoes of Mozart’s Allegro on recorder and Morlacchi’s II Pastore Svizzero on flute were beautifully calibrated as the audience got a taste of classics and jazz. To cap the evening, the school song was done by all the acts, joined by the entire Hall.
Also performing were NIFCA award winner Joshua Gay and Oluwayomi Oredein, Debbie Reifer, Ayana John and Smokey Burke.
Master of ceremonies Andrew Pilgrim shone in his many roles and included the right kind of humour that eased the wait time for the changes on stage.