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A SLICE OF LIFE: Easy Sunday at Sandy Beach

Wendell Callender

A SLICE OF LIFE: Easy Sunday  at Sandy Beach

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Happy, happy Sunday! This would best describe the scene at Sandy Beach, Christ Church.
It was as if paradise had descended on this southern spot of the island. First, there was the blissful mix of ages and races dancing to the sounds of the Caribbean or simply liming on the beach at the most westernly end.
Some folks had just returned from fishing in their boats, which had been bobbing at anchor, while the game-fishers returning to shore on their dinghies were just as nonchalant. Three dolphins which had been caught about 20 miles out, while for some no mean feat, were just par for the course. There was to be no selling of these fish even if a strong request was being made. That was their moment of prowess for the day.  
Nearby, little boys and girls were playing a game of beach cricket with the adults. With three branches as stumps, a more rootsy flair could not have been created on the beach. With bats of similar improvising, the game was an attraction in itself.
Among those humouring the little ones was cultural enthusiast Barbadian-based Canadian Alex Waithe. He would have been enthralled to hear the calypso music flowing from the tent on the border of the beach. After all, he spoke proudly of his Saturday morning show entitled Kaiso Rising on radio CHRY 105.5 fm or on the Internet
Further east, a large group of footballers were playing a most energetic game. The atmosphere was, however, one of friendly rivalry. They were all members of the Potential Ballers Football Club who, while having a bonding session on the beach, were also readying themselves for their first competitive match in the Barbados Football Association’s competition the next day.
In the near shore, four young ones were enjoying themselves on a raft under the watchful eye of the adults around.
Under the breezy trees, a few of the folk were quietly sitting in their own world, laid back, seemingly without a worry or care.
Some of the youngsters with a love for hamburgers were retreating to this shaded area in search of their favourite delicacy, which was being prepared on the grill by ”Auntie Lisa”.
Earlier, they had loads of fun in the lemon and spoon, sack and two-legged races. As they did, their parents were free to relish in the bliss of the Sunday evening.