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Sand price a blow to truckers

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Sand price a blow to truckers

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SEVERAL?truckers who turned up at the Walkers Sand Quarry yesterday to collect sand were left in a quandary after learning that the price had increased effective the same day.
The company announced on Sunday through advertisements that it was increasing sand from $26 a tonne to $42 without value added tax.
Judith Layne, one of the first truckers at the gate, was shocked to learn about the increase and had to hurriedly telephone her customer to let them know about the development.
“I came last Friday morning and I was turned back because there had some guys in there working – nobody that I?knew – but a guy came to me and told me they were closed and to come back
“Monday [yesterday] morning I came early and now to hear that the sand gone up so drastically. When the customer hear the price it will be a problem,” she lamented, as she scrambled to call the customer.
She ended up waiting for someone to bring the additional money for her to pay for the sand.
While Adrian Branch paid the new price he expressed concern at how high it was.
“I heard about the increase but this is the first time I am seeing the prices. It is almost double.
“I have to pay for it because there is no other place you could get sand from. I?normally would come here and pay about $60 for two metres, I?now have to pay $98,” he cried.
Another man who did not want to give his name said he had to dump his load in the quarry after finding out about the increased cost.
“I?went here last week and they said they were calibrating the scale and I paid $405 for 12 metres. I?come back this morning and the price jump up twice as much.
“I load and when I saw the price I dump it off because it is unreasonable. The customer already gave me the money for the sand. This is outrageous and the Government needs to help us,” he charged.
Owner of Lewis Construction, Vernold Lewis, said the increase had come at a time when the construction industry was picking up again.
He said banks and mortgage companies would now have to revise their mortgages to accommodate the increase in sand.
“This is ridiculous! If you asking for an increase, do something that is reasonable but don’t put this sort of pressure onto everybody right now.
“When they send up the price on the sand, there will be a whole ripple effect. This will further destroy the economy,” he predicted. (MB)