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Cricket fan trapped outside Advocate

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Cricket fan trapped outside Advocate

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ONE FONTABELLE COMPANY sent a strong signal yesterday to motorists who park indiscriminately, using four reels of newsprint to fence in a vehicle outside its front door during office hours.
The penitent St Philip driver returned from watching the England-West Indies T20 at Kensington Oval to face a quandary bigger than that of the tourists’ bowlers to a rampaging Darren Sammy. It took a group of English visitors to save her day.
After a futile attempt to lift the grey Suzuki out of the “trap” outside the entrance of the Advocate Company Ltd, the tourists drew on reserves of strength, even after a day of energy-sapping drinking and cheering, to push two newsprint rolls out of the way.
One reel of newsprint weighs about 415 kilograms (915 pounds)?and costs $500.
The relieved driver offered to buy the group of about eight a drink but they declined the offer.
“I know I committed an infraction,” the driver told the MIDWEEK NATION. “I did wrong and I’m sorry. I was looking for a parking space, couldn’t find one and I thought I would park there.”
The Advocate was one of several businesses which were open yesterday on Fontabelle, where scores of motorists parked their vehicles on sidewalks and every other available space and went off to the Oval. (TY)