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DEAR CHRISTINE: He’s not happy with wife but won’t leave

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DEAR CHRISTINE: He’s not happy with wife but won’t leave

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Dear Christine,
I hope you can help me to make a decision about my problem. You see, I am involved with a man who was married twice.
He was a youngster when he first got married. After he and his wife broke up, she and their two children went away, so he does not see them.
He is not happy with his second wife and says he does not care for her but adores their little daughter. They also have another child on the way. When we first started seeing each other it was not intended that we would end up the way we have.
On three occasions he left his wife for me – even though he went to live with his mother.
Each time, he returned to his wife.
I sometimes think he is weak-willed. He swears he cares for me, but does not want to hurt his young daughter. I have not seen him for two weeks but he telephones and asks me not to give him up.
I have told him not to return, because as much as it is hurting me, I cannot go on like this. What do you think?
– S.P.
Dear S.P.,
You have done the right and honourable thing. This man seems quite confused. He wants you, his child and his wife. It’s as simple as that, and having to choose is not easy for him.
What you also need to understand is that his wife cannot become pregnant on her own.
If he does not care for his wife, how come she is carrying their child? Think!
I hope you will find the strength to stick to your resolution not to see him again and leave him alone with his family.