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Sandra Downes


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One of the biggest murder cases involving six deaths was halted yesterday when the judge declared a mistrial in the Campus Trendz Murder Trial.
At 11:40 a.m. Justice Randall Worrell ended the three-week trial of Jamar Dewayne Orlando Bynoe, 22, in the No. 2 Supreme Court. The line cook, of Headley’s Land, Bank Hall, St Michael, will now face a retrial in relation to the deaths of six women who perished during the firebombing of the then popular Campus Trendz Boutique on Tudor Street, The City.
The deadly September 3, 2010 blaze claimed the lives of three Campus Trendz employees: Kellisha Olliviere, 24, formerly of Wellington Street, The City; Shanna Griffith, 18, formerly of Pile Bay, Spring Garden, St Michael; and Pearl Cornelius, 18, formerly of London Bourne Towers, The City, and three City shoppers: Kelly-Ann Welch, 24, formerly of Montrose, Christ Church; Tiffany Harding, 23, formerly of Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael, and Nikkita Belgrave, 23, formerly of Shop Hill, St Thomas.
“Mr Foreman and your members, I have to declare this trial a mistrial because of the nature of prejudicial evidence which has come before you,” Justice Worrell stated in a brief address to the seven men and five women who had been empanelled to deliberate the case.