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Yvette Best


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DESPITE A “ROBUST” security system at the Bridgetown Port, officials there are facing increasing attempts to smuggle illegal narcotics through that entry point.
Head of security Anthony Benn told the DAILY NATION that drugs, which he described as their biggest threat, were frequently being concealed among fruits and vegetables imported from neighbouring countries.
Furthermore, a new scheme had emerged – the trafficking of drugs in barrels of personal effects.
“Not only [in] containers, because we’re seeing a new phenomenon now where people are going to the various ports in Miami, New York, and shopping and then you’re discovering drugs in the barrels that they’re bringing home in the other personal effects. So there is not only the container traffic, there is also a big concern as it relates to the inter-island traffic [of] fruits and vegetables that we import from the islands. We’ve had several incidents of marijuana finds in those categories of cargo,” he explained.