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Musical tag team


Musical tag team

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Veteran musician Peter Ram has kicked off the Crop-Over season by revisiting the hardships the island faced in the early 1990s with a Quicksand Upgrade.
Released late last month, the song and riddim was also the debut of Super Lynks, a month-old collaboration between Omar Gorg Sobers and up-and-coming musician Samuel Hardware Bridgeman.
“We have so much time to play with and we always try to cram our music into a little slot. We decided that this year we did not want to do that,” Hardware told WEEKEND BUZZ in an interview.
“We were actually going to release this month, but because of what Peter Ram was singing and its relevance for now, we released earlier.”
Quicksand Upgrade has been liked, listened to, shared and downloaded across social media platforms, which Gorg believed was testament to the fact that Barbadians did not need to wait until the second quarter of the year to hear Crop-Over tunes.
“If people are downloading the song, that means there must be a demand for it . . . ,” he said in a separate telephone interview.
“ . . . If your song is strong then you will always stand out. Only Ram can do Ram. Only you can do you.”
The “drinking boss” added that other tracks from the Super Lynks riddim will be released soon. Other riddims are also on the way, including one with a “tipsy kinda vibe” and a little something to appeal to all types of soca lovers Gorg added.
Gorg’s musical production skills have been known for quite some time, while Hardware’s ability is now beginning to catch the eye of those in the industry.
The pair met just over a year ago, when Hardware, a former keyboardist with Strategy, started dabbling in production.
“Me and [Marlon] Fox had a song called Drinking Every Day, and Gorg is the drinking boss, so I thought why not have him in on this song? We were trying to get him on the remix but it didn’t work out but he was interested in what I had done.”
After finally finding the time to connect, the two created the Bounce It Riddim, best known for Gorg’s song of the same name and Lil Rick’s Twerking Time.
“We were just playing around in the studio and that [riddim] was done in about ten minutes,” Hardware recalled.
Super Lynx was founded a few months later in December 2013. Hardware, 24, revealed that Gorg “taught him everything I know” with music production software.
The two are seeking to carve a niche for themselves as a consummate entertainment tag team. DJing is another important aspect to the Super Lynx brand, which has allowed them to play across the island on the Stag Stage.