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Whither the wreaths?


Whither the wreaths?

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WREATHS DISAPPEARED FROM a grave at the Westbury Cemetery within hours of the burial, and a family wants to know why.
Less than 12 hours after Marva Holder of Spooners Hill, St Michael, was laid to rest last week Thursday (March 6), the flowers from the signature wreath created to spell out ‘Baba’, the name she was affectionately called, were gone.
Then, less than 24 hours later, all the other flowers on the remaining wreaths that adorned the gravesite disappeared.
The wreaths were worth hundreds of dollars, said granddaughter Latoya Grant, but the emotional cost was more devastating.
 “It is disturbing,”?she said. “I went back to sit by the gravesite [Saturday morning around 11 a.m.] and it was a mess; it was nothing that you left [or] nothing you expected. I bought a wreath for $240 and it gone – everything gone.
 “There were so many wreaths on that grave that all could not fit; they had to put them on one another. Some beautiful, beautiful flowers. And now to go back there it is a total eyesore,” bemoaned Grant.