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​FLYING FISH & COU COU: Freundel the best PM?

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​FLYING FISH & COU COU: Freundel the best PM?

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Freundel the best PM?
PEOPLE ARE SAYING that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will go down as the best ever manager of a political administration in Barbados.
They argue that he has been the only Barbadian leader to successfully contain the frustrations of his team without having to fire somebody, or anyone pulling up stake and leaving the administration and the party.
They point out that to date he has been able to ride out the loud whispers within the party against his leadership style; overcome the frustrations of the Eager Eleven; placate a vex Dr David Estwick; and contain the ambitions of certain individuals in his Cabinet, all the while managing to convince the majority in the country that his team has everything under control even though the road is bumpy now.
The political history buffs say few other leaders have managed to do this balancing act without casualties along the way.
They noted that under Grantley Adams (later Sir Grantley) the disillusionment of a young Errol Barrow, Cameron Tudor (the late Sir James) and Frederick Smith (now Sir Frederick) could not be contained, and they left the ruling Barbados Labour Party to form the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).
During Barrow’s time as Prime Minister, he fired DaCosta “Joy” Edwards as a minister, though he later took him back. And when the Dems were in Opposition, he fired Dennis Hunte and John Connell from the Senate under a street light at a political meeting.
When Erskine Sandiford (now Sir Lloyd) was at the helm, Dr Richie Haynes (late Sir Richard) and three others left the Dems to form the National Democratic Party. And, of course, he was catspraddled when four of his colleagues voted for a motion of no confidence against him in Parliament, which precipitated an early election and 14 years in opposition for the DLP.
The next PM, Owen Arthur, had to fire ministers Liz Thompson and George Payne, though he reinstated the former.
And when Mia Mottley became Opposition leader, she was overthrown by her team and Arthur brought back to replace her.
Even the Late David Thompson in his brief tenure had to contend with a dissatisfied Estwick whose statement – “time longer than twine” – at not getting the Cabinet pick he felt he deserved, could well play out.
But not Freundel. He is large and in charge.
And he is such a genius at conveying his message that when he does speak he manages to silence his critics.
They want to know . . .
?PATRONS OF A certain bar are still talking about the conversation they claim took place between two politicos.
From what Cou Cou was told, the two individuals from the same party seemingly met by chance at the place some weeks ago. One was in their constituency having a quick drink and trying to catch up with some of the happenings in the particular district from their selected people, while the other apparently just popped in.
After greeting each other they went to a table by themselves and began talking over a drink. The topic those who eavesdropped claim they heard was how the Government managed to outmanoeuvre the trade unions.
From what we were told, the two politicos were wondering aloud how the unions could wait for a list of those to be retrenched when the timetable for the cuts was such that Government had to move with urgency.
Apparently, the politicos were both amazed, but at the same time gloating that they managed to get over that hurdle with only a whimper from the unions, some chatter from the Opposition and little to nothing from the media.
Cou Cou wants those two politicos to know that the people who overheard their conversation are ashamed of what they said, and a couple have vowed to deal with them the only way they can whenever the time comes.