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JADA ‘forced’ to cut workers


JADA ‘forced’ to cut workers

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The economic recession has forced one of Barbados’ largest private employers to bite the bullet and send home workers.
The JADA group of companies, which collectively employs about 1100 full-time and part-time workers, laid off about 15 of their weekly-paid employees last week and more will be going home next week. And yesterday general manager Paul Lewis told the SATURDAY SUN this could just be the tip of the iceberg.
He said the company continued to do “everything in our power” to save jobs, the eventual number losing their jobs could be “a minimum of 100” across the board if the company failed to get the foreign investments it had been courting.
“We have worked very hard to bring foreign investment to this country and it is a battle you are fighting because of the reputation Barbados is getting from the international rating agencies. Every time that goes down, it affects our credit rating and our ability to attract foreign investment,” Lewis contended.