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MAVIS BECKLES: Stop fighting life

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MAVIS BECKLES: Stop fighting life

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I COME INTO CONTACT wid all sorts o’ people when the days come and every day as God send, in the same way dat I am amazed at the way how some people live and carry demselves despite their many challenges, I does be equally amazed at another set o’ people who like duh believe dat they have tuh constantly fight life.
Life will give you some challenges, I know, and ya have tuh roll wid dem and overcome dem; but duh got some people who like duh believe dat it should be one way all the time – their way.
It is about dem, dem ain’t suppose tuh be going through nutten. Duh like duh ain’t want nuh kinda challenges at all, hear? Duh ain’t want the setbacks, the trials, the misunderstandings nor the hard knocks. Duh like duh believe dat it should happen tuh somebody else, not dem. Some o’ dem like duh doan understand dat the rough times have a purpose and they are not meant tuh be there fuhevah. Duh doan realise dat it is in dem rough times dat ya is supposed tuh be learning something.
Look, duh got a lot o’ people who does take it personally, like it is about dem alone, it happening tuh dem. Some o’ dem does take on a kinda why me attitude and want you tuh join dem in their pity party.
Nuhbody else ain’t got nuh problems as far as they are concerned because unlike dem, duh doan be whining and complaining all the time.
So these poor me people or life fighters does believe dat nothing negative doan happen other people who always seem suh upbeat and positive.
You know how many times I does have tuh tell some o’ these people dat ya doan learn anything from the good times, dat ya doan be learning nothing when the good times are rolling? You know how many times I does have tuh remind dem dat it is the hard times which does teach ya about life and the real world?
So suppose you doan go through nothing other than good times all the time, how you gine learn something? 
But I suppose dat is how the world is; it is supposed tuh be happening tuh somebody else, not me.
Dem must be special!
I had tuh tell a fella the other day dat the more he fight life, the harder it gine get. He was moaning and groaning and carrying on ’bout how hard things getting, how he ain’t know wha’ gine happen down the road wid he, if things continue like this. I had tuh let him know dat it ain’t ’bout he alone so doan take it personal.
I tell he dat life ain’t single out he nor others like he. I had tuh leh he know dat duh only got one world and all o’ we live in it and have tuh do we best tuh make the most of it all the time, so dat wha’evah happen, ya cahn escape, get off and go and live pon another one. These people like duh believe dat this is Star Trek and dem foolish pictures dat is bare fiction and fantasy.
The people who does work wid what duh have is the ones who does be happy ’cause duh does learn tuh adjust tuh the situation dat they have no control ovah and live wid-in their means.
Dem doan have the time tuh be complaining and griping all the time; tuh dem, life is too short.
Dat is why when I hear some people acting like life owe dem something and refuse tuh give dem, I does have tuh remind dem dat compared tuh some other people, they have a good life in Barbados and duh breathing.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.